Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Minute Idea: Late Night Bites

Today I met up with my event coordinator at Heritage Hunt to finalize numbers and give my final payment. We were down to 141 paid guest meals, 14 of which were kid's meals. Not bad considering i was expecting more like 160-170 to make it. It was a real budget saver!

However, I couldn't help but wonder where all this extra money would go? Do I save it for a new dining set? A rainy day? Or do I treat my guests with more food?

My mom has attended 2 weddings in toronto that had this great late night snack portion of the evening, much like italians do at their weddings. I was at one wedding with her. I thought that was great, and we thought well... wouldnt it be nice to do that for our guests as well?

Well, I had previously posted about cookie favors as Late Night snacks, since HH won't let us "bring food," yet we're allowed to bring favors. Would've been clever, but my mom urged me not to, in an effort to save money (and time spent packaging). However, during my 1.5 hour meeting with the catering manager/coordinator at HH, I decided I should at least check into getting something like mini pizzas served later in the evening, during the dance portion of the night.

The price wasnt too bad, so i went with 120 Mini Cheeseburgers and Mini Cheese Pizzas to be served at 9:30pm! They'll be served in chaffing dishes by the door, in case people dip out early and want to grab a snack to go, and then others that are dancing the night away can grab a snack as well!

Late night bites, CHECK!

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