Friday, September 17, 2010

Rehearsal Dessert: A mustang Roush?

There aren't many things in this life that Mr Smallville loves more than me.

His parents are a given.

But there is one other love of his that he can never deny.

Mr Smallville loves his car.

It's a 429 Roush 2009 Mustang.

Special Edition. He even got Jack Roush to sign it.

Here's my SURPRISE GROOM'S GIFT idea for Mr. S (I trust if you know him, that you'd keep this to yourself)...

So I got a quote from Fluffy thoughts on doing a Roush Cake for the rehearsal dinner... just 40 servings (to cut down on cost) and then maybe order 3 dozen cupcakes (they're priced much mor reasonably.

The quote... well it was $500... for 40 servings. While i do understand design charge, as well as all the work put into it, I dont think i could justify $500 for 40 servings of cake.

So i came up with an alternative:

Yes, that's my own design. It has the roushe logo on top, with the mustang in the front, and the two trademark stripes across the cake to sort of drive it all home. Its basically his car translated into one cake. I quoted for 70 servings... 30 yellow cake/vanilla butter cream/fresh strawberries, and 40 marble cake/milk chocoloate ganache/vanilla buttecream/valrhona choc crunchies.

Quote price? $375.

More then the 30 servings of the original $500 car cake!

Yes its still a bit steep but at least it serves 70 this time... about $5/serving.

Hmm.. i wasnt too impressed with the price so i talked it down YET AGAIN. The rehearsal dinenr guest list is growing since out of town guests are invited as well as those involved with the wedding. So we're looking at 80-90 servings now.

What i ended up with is a 1 layer 6 inch cake with the roush logo on top, and mustang logo on the side (on top of the double stripe). I'll post a pic of it later. And then, i'll serve cupcakes with the matching grey colored icing as the cake.

It's now at $375 for teh 6 inch wich serves 12, and another 72 cupcakes with filling.
Flavor of the 6 inch cake for the fruity lovers: Yellow Cake, Vanilla Buttercream, Fresh Strawberries

Cupcake Flavor for the chocolate lover: Milk Chocolate Ganache filled Marble cupcakes, Vanilla buttercream w/ chocolate crunchies.

I think the guests will enjoy the dessert, and i hope that he will appreciate the gesture.

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