Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flower Girls, Check!

Flower girl dresses, CHECK!

My mom came up with the design for the dress. she sent me a few options, and then helped me narrow down the idea.

Original Image/Idea:

We got Ms. Josie, a friend and neighbor of my aunt in manila who is a great skilled Modista (seamstress manager i guess?) to do the FG dresses as well as Mr. Smallville's mom's dress.

Final Outcome:

I went with Josie to the market place and we got shiney organza for the skirt, and red/orange star satin for the accent. I picked out the lace and the lining i believe was charmuese. I'm really happy with it!

What do you think?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Edward Teng, Part II

As i mentioned in a previous post, i was going to visit Edward Teng's shop in Santa Mesa, Metro Manila. In fact, it was my first stop the first morning that i was there, because I knew my gown would be a rush job (they usually request about 1-2 months for the dress, and i was only going to give them 3 weeks).

I don't have any images yet of Edward sketching my gown, but my friend will send them to me soon (I didn't have a camera, she did).

However, i was able to take a quick shot of the final sketch and a detail of the gown myself.

So here's the sketch of the gown. Its a semi-A line/princess cut, strapless, sweetheart neckline, with a 1 yard train. They're using ecru colored mikado silk, and it contains a built in bra/corsette. It has embroidery, glass beading, and floral embellishments. For easy adjustements, we chose a drawstring laced back, much like dresses of the early 1900s (and much earlier).

I went in another three times there to try on the dress. they rushed the production of the dress (without beading) for the first fitting. Second fitting ahd more adjustments, but it was to finetune it for my final fitting just this past tuesday.

On my third fitting, they were able to provide a sample of the embellishments for me to see. I took a close-up shot w/ my phone below:

So this will be done by April 30, and my mom will arrive with it May 2nd. I can't wait to pick her up from the airport!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Favors Finalized!

My favors are done!

As I told you in a previous post about my favors, one of them were filigree/cut-work ceramic candle holders. Pictured is the original prototype that we had copied (the original vendor had shut down). My aunt found a shop that makes something like this, but stoneware instead of porcelain. Its rather lovely and the cutouts will illuminate beautifully w/ a candle inside!

There was some issues with the bulkiness, weight, and fragility of the items. Apparently my mom and I didn't think this through, in regards to packing these into our luggage and getting them safely to the U.S. Luckily I was able to get about 52 of them into my 2 large suitcases. We're sending 12-18 with other family friends that are currently there and are coming to the states. My mom can't pack many because she'll be taking my gown and hers with her, and thats enough to cover one piece of luggage itself!

anyway, so, i can check off the box next to half of my favors now!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Step into Something Blue

OK so i know I should be updating about my manila purchases, but I realized I missed a small detail that I'd taken care of a few weeks ago...


I decided on a low heel, about 2.25 inches.

Coloriffics had a very cute line of dyable shoes.... so i decided on a shoe (Style Tori) and to get it died blue.

I saw a gorgeous blue by watters and watters, and used that. Its more a greenish blue, like the color of turquoise, but its blue none the less.
Here it is:


Something blue, CHECK!

Back from manila!

I'm back! however, I'm suffering from jetlag so this post will be short! i got a lot done though!

here's a quick list of what I got done:
  • Favors
  • Flower Girl Dresses
  • Wedding accessories (bearer pillows, cord, veil, coins, garter)
  • Church Wedding Dress
  • Bridal Shower Dress

Still being done (coming back with my mom next week):
  • My Gown (to include the veil, petticoat, headpiece and matching pouch bag)
  • My mom's Gown (matching clutch)
  • Mr. Smallville's Mother's gown
i'll post everything in the next few days, so please stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Edward Teng

So i'm leaving for the Philippines tomorrow at noon! I can't believe it's already here! If this is how fast time is flying, the day will come and go faster than I could expect!

So of course you know i'm going to Manila to get my dress custom made. I have arrangments to visit Edward Teng, a Couturier in Manila who specializes in Wedding gowns. Below are a few of my favorite works of his.

If you go to his website, you'll see he has a fair share of scary to lovely selections. I will of course keep it to the lovely. I won't point out which is my favorite for fear that Mr. Smallville is lurking, lol.

Manila, Here I come!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cake is "My Passion"

Lara Stuckey, the talented pastry chef/artist who will be doing my cake, has finally launched the opening of her bakery, Fluffy Thoughts, in Mclean, Virginia. My sister and I were there this past Friday for a visit, and to take a few things home, of course.

Here is a picture of the slice of "My Passion" cake that I brought home to my mom. I mention it in my previous post about the wedding cake. Its the main flavor that will make up about 50% of the cake that i've ordered for the wedding. I got a 2nd slice for Mr. Smallville to try as well.
Again, its her white cake, with blackberry buttercream, passion fruit curd, and vanilla buttercream frosting. And I must say, that passion fruit is like crack.
My mom and dad loved it. Mr. Smallville ended up scarfing it down in a few bites. it was his dinner for last night!
Below is a picture of her red velvet with cream cheese icing:

This one is a sample of one of my other flavors, "Mine Oh Mine," which will be red velvet cake, dark chocoloate ganache, 2 rows cream cheese and 1 row cookies and cream (oreo) buttercream.

With my pending trip to manila and my frequent change of mind about my dress design, there might be revisoins to the original design i spoke to Lara about in the first meeting. We'll see once i get back from manila on the 23rd of this month.

mmmm, cake!